Much of your day is spent ‘in between’ activities.

Between meetings, before appointments, waiting for something and more.

Making use of this time makes a big difference. These small moments add up.

You may be letting several hours slip through your fingers! It’s not about cramming as much into your day as possible, rather it’s being smart with the small amounts of extra time and using them well to get your work done.

 For me, it all seems to add up to being more productive, something the government has highlighted recently given the UK lags behind most other developed nations in terms of productivity, with the issue now a major concern.

Here are 5 Top Tips to keep you productive in your ‘in-between’ time:-


Having a good read with you used to mean lugging around a book even when you didn’t need it.

Now you can keep dozens of books at your fingertips, on your mobile device. No excuses now!

Travelling in your car can be transformed by listening to an audio book.

2.Check your list

Use those extra minutes to check your ‘To Do’ list. You can make sure that you are remaining focused on working on your top priorities, or let your list remind you of that task that you wrote down so you wouldn’t have to remember it.

3.The 4 ‘R’s’

Sometimes you need to just take a break. And those 5 minutes between meetings are a great time to relax, refocus, re-enter and re-energise yourself.

Take a quiet moment to unwind and breathe deeply.  Better yet, get up and go outside for a quick wander around.

4.Phone calls

Ever have a phone call that you have failed to return for days? Yet, you probably had your phone on you at all times!

Sometimes we forget that. Five or ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to return a call or two. Make sure you set expectations that you only have five minutes. It’s a great way to keep calls short, as well.

5.Learn something

You might think that a few minutes aren’t enough to study something new. However, you can easily keep e-learning courses bookmarked on your iPad, and listen to podcasts on your iPhone.

Websites like YouTube, Slideshare, TedTalks and many more, provide great bursts of learning in a short amount of time. You could also explore a topic using the Creativedge 10 Tips App!

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