Earlier this week I tweeted that ‘it’s in all the ways we can’t see that we make the biggest difference’.

Is our quest for wellbeing any different. Whilst we can educate, inform, blog and even provide policies that support wellbeing, is it enough to inspire others to be motivated to make the necessary changes? For me it’s all the small things we do and are seen to do that provide the inspiration. As I was reminded before Christmas when someone I only know through social media sent me a note to say ‘you inspire me to live more healthily’. I know this comes from how I am in the world and in all the small things I tweet/blog/chat about rather than the work I get paid to do.

In any organisation, therefore, the key is identifying those individuals who influence others behaviours and ensuring they are seen to be demonstrating the behaviours that support wellbeing. Many organisations won’t stand a cat in hells chance of having wellbeing if those with the most influence ignore and override the signs of stress, have no life balance, don’t take their holiday’s, skip lunch, live on adrenaline, and coffee when adrenaline is lacking and/or are known to consume a week’s allowance of alcohol every Friday night?    

Who are your wellbeing champions – and how can you ensure they are able to express how they achieve wellbeing rather than hide it?

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