That is in itself a very good question.
A lot of companies present themselves as having a total reward strategy but the question is, is this a total reward solution specific to that organisation – undoubtedly yes.
Total reward for one organisation may not be the same for the next. Our understanding of total reward is to offer one place where all employee rewards and benefits can be channelled. That’s the common denominator for total reward – the rest is organisation specific and rightly so.
The term ‘total’ rewards only really refers to the fact that everyone receives it rather than because it is the total optimum mix of reward for each individual. It’s also there to achieve the organisation’s ’employee’ goals of satisfaction & engagement and the organisation’s ‘business’ goals of performance & results.
Fundamentally a total reward approach should benefit the organisation AND the recipient, but often there is a mismatch of expectation, which reduces the effect of these benefits.
Too often benefits and non-financial rewards are bundled together because the organisation is offered value for money in buying these packages, or promoting greater choice to employees is seen to be the thing to do, rather than simply focussing efforts in a few key areas.  Each employees needs will obviously differ and trying to cater for everyone’s desires is a huge task – I am sure every HR person reading this will agree (even if under their breath).  So rather than play at this and simply confuse employees with offering too much, better that organisations focus on some core benefits which can really drive value for the employee and in turn the employer.