HRsmart had a great 2 days at the CIPD HRsoftware show, a big thank you to all of you that stopped by our stand.  It was great to converse with you and it really gave us a good image of the current HR software Market

I want one solution to manage my HR Development processes 

Many businesses are now looking for that one solution that can cater to all their HR needs, Some of you still might wonder what the problem is with integrated systems …     

Don't be fooled by some vendors who claim to be unified, but have actually integrated many different stand alone systems into one. Look for a fully unified solution such as ours that runs on one platform !


Talent Management is not just for the big players….

It was great to see more business professionals from the SMB sector this year. A profound question that kept popping up was “does your solution work for the smaller business”
Many of the larger talent management companies currently in the HR sector don't actually develop for the SMB.  However more and more smaller to medium sized business are wanting help with hiring , Developing and retaining talent. Why should they miss out ?
HRsmart offers a solution that is fit for all, with our enterprise edition for the larger business and professional edition for the SMB.  Professional Edition is designed to provide growing small to mid-size companies with a way to automate and streamline their recruiting, performance, learning and development talent management strategy all-in-one And With the assistance of an HRsmart representative the solution can be set up within a couple of hours !

I’m looking for a tool that is Social and Mobile 

Nearly one in four people worldwide have a social media account and according to a report by Emarketer by 2017 the social network audience will total 2.55 billion.  The mobile market is also growing with the number of people accessing the internet via a mobile increasing by 60.3% to 818.4 million in the last 2 years.
This is why having a solution that can be integrated socially and is mobile friendly is becoming ever more important to businesses. We recognise this at HRsmart and some of the key social and mobile aspects of our solution are :


Are you a global company … I need a global solution

Our solution having a global reach is extremely important to us HRsmart's solutions are available around the world, in more than 35 countries and in 28 languages. We tailored our solution so that it is globally configurable and With offices, call centers and hosting facilities around the globe, our experts can provide excellent service and support worldwide. 

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