When it comes to recruitment, there are various different industry sectors and some are more clear cut than others. The construction industry has a very well established sector in recruitment, as does the medical market. However, the world of digital recruitment does not have quite the same stronghold as some of the other markets.

Tough market?

One of the key reasons for this particular sector struggling to have the same presence could be down to a lack of interest from young people to have a career of this type. Consequently, the jobs are not shouted about in quite the same way, but simply lumped in with other things to try and get people to apply for them. The digital market is quite a general sector and so can feature jobs from a variety of different platforms. Journalism is increasing online with some magazines closing their print publications in favour of running the website on its own.

So with this in mind, why are all the journalism jobs lumped together? The online and print sectors often cater to different readerships and their staff have a different skill set. Surely, the online jobs would be better placed alongside other digital vacancies like SEO campaign managers?

Benefits of the digital sector

Having a set sector for digital recruitment means people don't have to waste their time trawling through irrelevant vacancies to come across the ones that they are actually interested in. it also means that recruitment agencies can employ specially trained staff who understand the market better. A recruiter that is trying to help a company that specialises in digital services will be able to develop a relationship with that company and understand their needs. Someone who is juggling a mixture of different sectors may find it harder to build up that specialist knowledge.

From an HR point of view, it can make life much easier in terms of processing applications and recruiting new staff. The same sort of applications will be received so it means the HR team don't have to try and separate them into sub-sectors.

Increasing sector

The digital sector is looking like it will simply keep on growing so there is a strong chance that more staff will be needed in the future. As an example, Trinity Mirror announced a recruitment drive for the digital market in an attempt to try and double its digital team. The reason behind the drive is due to an increase in online traffic, the company had claimed. It would appear that for the digital sector, the only way is up, so it seems like the logical solution is to have a recruitment market devoted to getting people into digital jobs.

Ultimately, digital is not going anywhere and it needs to be taken seriously as a market of its own, not simply grouped in with other markets that bear very little similarity. This will make life easier not only for recruiters, but also for those who are searching for jobs and the companies that are looking to fill vacancies.

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