Human interaction with the world around itself revolves entirely on the principal ability to come together and work, for common benefit and for personal benefit. The need to conform to certain environment is at the core of why humans have been able to find a common ground to conduct commerce and expand the economy.

        Diversity requires a certain set of conformance, be it between work partners or business associates. The conformity could be linked to the common organizational goal to be achieved. The conformity allows for alignment, an understanding between people and a set of process which enable productive work and efficient output.

        An organization is dependent on a heterogeneous set, to bring about the growth and development, which mirrors the circumstances in which it operates. A progressive society improves itself, and finds itself drawn to being able to consolidate and enhance collaboration between people of all walks of life and privileges.

        The organization needs, or rather, demands differences between beings to be understood and accepted, and they are:-

o   Gender: The need for engagement between male, female and the third-gender members of the society and to bring about a parity in the work effected by them, and also the environment, needs to go past the stereotypes of thinking, where a woman’s role was limited to handle soft-core business aspects, alike Human Resources Management, and men being induced to the factory floor or the management. Opening up the factory floor to the women and the ability to bring in men into the traditional roles executed by women, helps progress pick up pace, while also assimilating the third gender within the organizational environment.

o   Globalization: The organizations of today are better known for their ability to operate from all corners of the world. Every country they operate in comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges, and thus comes the significant need to engage with the local culture, both as a workforce and as a coveted market, allowing for a mix of nationalities, race and languages to be respected and bought together.

o   Orientation: Orientation matters! But for bringing people together, and not pull them apart. Philosophical, political and sexual orientation is no reason as to why people should not come together to work for and with each other. The imperative to being non-judgmental and accepting is never more important. The world needs people of all shades and colors to come together for a happy condition of life, both professionally and personally.

        The convergence is the spot organizations are interested in. Social psychology presents evidence on men being biased on terms involving identity of a fellow being and specifically seeks out the integrative set of people. This is to be overcome.

        People are inclined to be together on tribal terms of living, grouping together is the most common form of affiliation. Diversity requires trust. The element that makes incompatible beings come together is the bond of trust, placed in each other; hard to be found when people see and witness each other, and even harder, when people do not get to look at each other.

        And diversity is when people see each other and they do not! And still find a way to coexist and work together.

        Trust is the element that lies invisible. The car we drive is more than just the engine, chassis, road, tires, and the air that goes into it, coming together to ensure the drive down the road becomes an experience. The person behind the wheel believes that all the elements required for the drive come together, speak to each other, and reaches the destination in a safe and sound manner.

        The driver simply trusts the elements of his car come together to allow for the experience of a drive.

        Diversity is not the lack of prejudice, but the acceptance of differences.

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