Will the winner of The Apprentice, Lee McQueen, ever stop making the headlines? First, it was because he was found to have lied on his CV. This time, he has managed to attract more media coverage when he phoned in sick on his first day of work for his boss, Sir Alan Sugar.

According to press reports, the 30-year old former recruitment sales manager, who secured the £100,000 a year job after winning the popular BBC TV series, phoned in on Tuesday morning this week, to say he was feeling ill.

An insider told one newspaper that the no-show by McQueen, who returned from a week’s holiday in Spain with his girlfriend a couple of days before he was due to start his new job, would make Sir Alan Sugar “really cross”.

Speaking to the Press Association, an Amstrad spokesperson said the company had known about McQueen’s “flu-like virus” for three or four days. “He’s frustrated that he can’t be at work because he wants to get going but he knows that he needs to be at home,” the spokesperson added.

OK, so he lied on his CV about the amount of time he spent at university; now he can’t even manage to turn up for his first day at work – is he really deserving of this job? Would you be happy about employing him if he wanted to work in your organisation? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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Lucie Benson