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Book Review: The art of recruitment – An illustrated guide to the dark art


The Art of Recruitment is a light-hearted look at the world of recruitment, with the target readership being people who are either looking for a new job or wanting to recruit new staff.

Each cartoon is accompanied by a range of tips, which cover such areas as asking what benefits a role offers or giving a simple reason for leaving your last job role.
The cartoons were illustrated by Paul ‘Spud’ Taylor who used to be a recruiter himself and, as the description on the back of the book explains, many of the illustrations were based on his own real-life experience.
Some of the cartoons centre on the work of the fictional company, ‘Norfolk & Chance Recruitment’, while others are based on a fictional employer called ‘Snellgroves’.
Reviewer’s rating
The cartoons’ humour could be described as tongue-in-cheek and I found some of them funny because of the element of truth that they contained within them.
One example is the cartoon, which read: “This was the third time in as many weeks that HR and Operations had clashed over recruitment practices, but at least now there was a process in place to solve it.”
The illustrations were very well done and, because of this, the book made for a light read that would be easy to finish in one session of around 45 minutes.
However, some of the humour would be considered a bit close to the knuckle to be bought for reading in the workplace, although I suspect that it could reflect a recruiter or two’s true thoughts when interviewing.
So overall I’d recommend this book as an amusing read to act as a break from those intense periods of recruitment or job-hunting.
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Leanne Marshall

PA To The Executive Secretary

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