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Brits cite work-life balance as major challenge


When questioned about what people see as their biggest everyday challenge, 16 per cent of Brits struggle with having a good work/life balance with more men (23 per cent) than women (13 per cent) finding it a major issue.

The finding comes in a survey conducted for insurer Churchill, which also revealed that 35 per cent feel so ‘stuck in a rut’ that they can’t be bothered to challenge themselves or their issues in order to make their lives better.

Christine Webber, psychotherapist and life coach, says: “It’s very tempting to blame other people, or outside influences, when life isn’t as fulfilling or happy as we’d like it to be. And yet, when we seize control of our lives, we tend to feel proud of ourselves and much more content.”

The research also revealed that the average Brit believes that it would take a £2.6m windfall and three extra hours in the day to fulfil their dreams, with 39 per cent saying that lack of money is their biggest obstacle and 18 per cent saying they’d like a 27-hour day.

The research found that the typical British attitude of ‘anything for an easy life’ has left many Brits feeling unfulfilled. In fact, the average Brit only ranks themselves a ‘three out of ten’ on a scale of how much they feel they have achieved to date.

“People’s major regrets in life are usually to do with what they haven’t got round to doing – and their pleasures are often centred on the challenges they’ve risen to,” added Ms Webber.

Frances Browning, from Churchill said: “It can be easy to sit around dreaming of winning the lottery, accepting our work-life balance as the norm and putting things off until the ‘right time’.

“Sometimes, it’s not about waiting for good things to happen to you, but more about starting to make them happen for yourself.”

The top-ten life challenges are:

1. Getting work/life balance (15.6 per cent)
2. Making ends meet (10.6 per cent)
3. Getting on the property ladder (10.1 per cent)
4. Losing weight (8 per cent)
5. Getting the job I want (7.8 per cent)
6. Having children (6.4 per cent)
7. Having more energy, so that I am not tired all the time (5.5 per cent)
8. Managing my finances (4.6 per cent)
9. Getting out of debt (3.9 per cent)
10. Managing the home (3.4 per cent).

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