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budget changes for employee transport (shuttle buses)


A detail that may not have been noticed in the budget and affects employee transportation.

At the moment ‘works buses’ have to carry at least 12 seats if the employer is to avoid account for NI and BIK income tax. The tax is not a big burden but the administration could be !

We are delighted to work with enlightened employers, who encourage their employees to use public transport for part of their journey by having ‘works buses’. Many opt for larger executive coaches instead of small buses so the limit may not always be relevant.
However the limit has been reduced to 9 seater vehicles which does open up the possibility of smaller vehicles, possibly making more frequent runs.

The Allied Group are happy to help generate efficient and environmentally aware employee transport solutions and welcome any moves for greater flexibility.

Ajay Soni
Operations Director
Allied House
Crawford St
0207 224 2257
John Owens

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