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Bullying tops employee gripes


Harassment or bullying in the workplace has gone to the top of the list of complaints raised by employees, according to research by IRS Employment Review.

Previously, pay and grading issues (2001) and the introduction of new working practices (1997) have been employees’ most common complaints, while bullying and harassment complaints were less common.

Main findings

– More than one in three organisations have seen unresolved grievances culminating in an employment tribunal claim within the past three years.

– Approximately six in 10 employers believe that their policies meet the requirements of the Employment Act 2002 but at least 4 in 10 employers will need to make changes to comply with the legislation.

– About half of the respondents have a single formal written procedure covering both individual and collective disputes initiated by employees – while around a third operate an individual procedure only and just one in six have two separate procedures in place.

– Top 10 complaints raised by employees – 2002 (ranked)
Harassment/bullying – 45%
Discipline – 27%
New working practices – 23%
Grading – 22%
Discrimination – 18%
Work allocation/staffing levels and non-pay terms and conditions – both at 17%
Pay – 15%
Health and safety – 2%
Miscellaneous – 18%* (see notes to editors)

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