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Call for better national childcare strategy


The GMB, Britain’s General Union and Daycare Trust today call on the government and employers to provide childcare for all children, as a new survey shows that 6 out of 7 children under the age of 8 do not have access to childcare. Daycare Trust research shows that in areas where childcare is available, parents struggle to afford it as the average cost is £120 per week.

According to the Trust, British parents pay the highest childcare bills in Europe – typically £6200 a year for a nursery place, up 10% from last year. Only 4% of parents receive financial support from their employers and the average award from the government is £39 per week through the childcare tax credit.

In addition, to increase the number of available places, the National Childcare strategy will have to recruit 150,000 new workers. The GMB predicts that they will have grave difficulties as the average wage in this sector is £11,000 and recruitment and retention remains very low.

John Edmonds, GMB General Secretary said: “The government needs to develop a strategy that will give incentives for employers to share the cost for providing for the workforce of the future.”

Stephen Burke, Director of Daycare Trust said: “The current childcare services do not meet the needs of British families. We need action that will create more places at a cost that parents can afford. The Government must not duck the childcare challenge.”

Should companies provide more childcare support, or is this an issue for government? Let us know, post your comments below:

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  1. Tax relief on childcare payments
    I think all parents should receive tax relief on childcare payments – the government is benefitting by parents working, after all.

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