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Caption competition 6 October 2009


Thank you for all your funny entries: the winner is 'Adhna' with:

"Finger of blame: David despaired – no matter how much he wriggled the finger of blame always seemed to be pointing at him."

Congratulations Adhna, you have won this months' prize, outlined below. Kevin will be in touch with you to talk through your training needs.

Mystery prize revealed!

The winner of this month's caption competition will win a 2.5 hour personalised training session with Power Man, Kevin Dougall. The coaching session will be based on a subject of greatest interest or concern to you – Kevin will contact you and then structure the session around your needs.

About Kevin Dougall:
Kevin Dougall BSc MRICS is UK Managing Director of AP HR Solutions

Kevin is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor by profession and he founded and built the highly successful Andrews Group. In June 2008, with the exception of APHRS, Andrews Group was acquired by Altus Group of Canada.
Since becoming Managing Director of APHRS early in 2009, Kevin has focused on building the Recruitment & Selection and Coaching divisions of the company; to sit alongside the established and widely respected HR division.
Using his deep knowledge and extensive network of friends and contacts within the construction and property industries, Kevin is responsible for senior executive and Board level assignments.
Apart from his role in APHRS, Kevin is CEO of Tom Gibson Limited, a brand new career management company which is already attracting widespread media interest.
Kevin is also a Director and shareholder of In Parallel Limited and In Tandem Limited, which deliver specialised coaching to major corporate clients.

About AP HR Solutions:
AP HR Solutions are a leading HR consultancy based in Bracknell. They provide a unique offering that combines Recruitment and Selection with HR and Coaching; whereby they’re able to provide clients with a holistic approach to their people needs and provide candidates with comprehensive advice and guidance around their career objectives and aspirations.
Full information on the company can be found on their 

How to enter:

If you can think of a witty caption – on or off-topic – to accompany the flattering photo of David Miliband below, just post beneath in the comments or email [email protected]. The deadline for entries is Monday 26 October. The funniest caption will win the prize.

Please note that in order to receive the prize your email address will be given to Kevin so he can contact you to discuss your personalised coaching session.

Ray Tang/Rex Features

11 Responses

  1. A practice run suggested to David that a face lift would be a go

     he would then be able to sneer in the manner befitting a prospective party leader

  2. Caption

    David struggled to get everyone back onto the biggest question of the summer.  Are you a Strictly come dancing or X factor fan?

  3. Finger of Blame

    David despaired – no matter how much he wriggled the finger of blame always seemed to be pointing at him.

  4. David’s schizophrenia occasionally reared it’s head…

    ‘You have been a very naughty boy’

  5. No matter how hard he tried….

    david just couldn’t pull his face into a vote winning smile.

  6. David has just opened his briefcase

    and realised that Mrs Miliband had taken "extending the flexibility agenda" to mean, it’s your turn on dirty nappy duty!

  7. David wondered how it long would be

    before anyone noticed his finger was super-glued to his cheek

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Charlie Duff


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