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Caption competition: And the winner is…


A recent news round-up on the site reported that there has been an immigration check amongst traffic wardens in the London Borough of Lambeth, which resulted in over half of them quitting or losing their jobs, with several found to be using forged passports. Therefore, this month’s caption competition shows a traffic warden getting his own back – would the offender pass an immigration check of its own, I wonder?

It was a tough one this month, with some very amusing entries to choose from, but in the end we have awarded the prize to Amanda Roberts, an HR professional from Leamington Spa. Her entry was:

Anyone who drives a customised Robin Reliant deserves to be fined!

Amanda has chosen a bottle of Burgundy white (Christian Simon Chablis 2006) as her prize.

Check back next month for the next competition!

Photo credit: Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features

14 Responses

  1. Mmmm….
    “I don’t care if you are a superior being you’re still getting a ticket. And if you need to exterminate someone you could always try my boss!”

  2. Entry
    “I don’t care if you come from bleedin’ Alpha Centuri. YOUR SAT NAV IS WRONG!”

  3. Caption Competition Entry
    I suppose with a name like Dalek, the owner will try to claim diplomatic immunity.

  4. Caption Competition Entry
    Unfortunately for Derek, there wasn’t a sofa available to hide behind

  5. Caption Competition Entry
    With that plunger out in front, this little runabout must belong to some immigrant Polish plumber

  6. Caption Competition
    Sorry, Mr. Johnson, I didn’t realise you were off to some fancy-dress mayoral party

  7. Caption Competition
    Your not being to mount the kerb is no excuse for illegal parking, Sir

  8. Caption
    You’ll do what to me? Now you wouldn’t expect an illegal immigrant like me to understand a word that long, would you, Sir?

  9. Caption
    Wu? I’m afraid I don’t think you’ll find any Chinese doctors in this area.

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