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Coffee Break: Coaching challenges, meaningful work and the ‘Glassdoor Generation’


For those of you enjoying the office silence now that half of the workforce are at Glastonbury or a last minute deal to Crete, here is our latest round-up of HR news and opinion to keep you company over your morning coffee. Enjoy!


Challenging limiting beliefs is a leadership skill (The Personal Development Network)

Overcoming the toughest common coaching challenges (HBR)

Building a talent pool by using social media (The HRIS world)


– Is the future of business a company without workers, managers, or a CEO? (Don Tapscott, LinkedIn)

What Richard Branson had to say after catching a napping employee (Huffington Post)

Leaders share their favourite apps, tech & productivity tips (Let's Grow Leaders)


This is the secret sauce for happy employees (Inc)

The costs of ignoring employee engagement (Fast Company)

Meaningful Work (Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers)

Why the 8-hour workday doesn't work (Forbes)


The rise and rise of the 'Glassdoor Generation' (Social Talent)

Candidates are not an online commodity (Greg Savage)

– BP: Proactive HR, fit for the future (Changeboard)

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Shonette Laffy

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