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Coffee Break: Corporate vs. professional, office design and the LinkedIn for working mums


We've got through the four day week – and it's already time for the weekend again!

Here are some of the articles we've enjoyed this week – let us know what you've been reading and what you think in the comments below.

Optimising your office

3 trends from the leading edge of workplace design (Entrepeneur)

When all's not quiet on the office front, everyone suffers (TLNT)

Almost half of staff hear discrimatory comments every week (People Management)

Reward & Recruitment

The future of recruitment (Hays)

– The LinkedIn for women who have taken a career break (Fast Company)

The 10 highest paying organisations in the UK (Employee Benefits)

Improving HR 

The future of work is human (Change Effect)

Slow progress to narrow Europe's gender pay gap (CIPD)

Time for HR to get our heads in the cloud (Diginomica)

Creativity & Culture

If you want happy workers, stop treating them like children (Quartz)

– Why everybody respects professional, but nobody likes corporate (Entrepeneur)

Why we need creative confidence (TED)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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