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Coffee break: Leadership training, cultural fit and a new way to tackle racism in the workplace


Stop what you're doing, and allow yourself five minutes of down time – here's our round-up of the week's best HR news and opinion, curated especially for you.

Let us know what you've enjoyed reading this week, and what you think about the articles we've shared in the comments below.


The secret to a happier workplace may be found in this ignored virtue (Inc)

What does 'cultural fit' mean? (Deidra Jenkins, LinkedIn)

Culture, retention and the importance of a great induction (BusinessZone)


7 things every recruiter should do to stay competitive (Barbara Bruno, LinkedIn)

College students don't know you want them! (Tim Sackett)

– Transline: a cut-price, outsourced human resources department? (The Guardian)

– Heineken just made an HR campaign as cool as any consumer ads it's done (Ad Week)


– Are organisations thinking of employee benefits providers differently? (Jamie Lawrence, LinkedIn)

– Airbnb is showing a new way to tackle racism (Fortune)

Let's talk about 'Employee of the month' (Caron Ward, LinkedIn)

– Zero-hours contracts used far beyond short-term work (The Guardian)

– I’m terrified by Amazon’s internal disciplinary procedures (Tom Mitchell, Medium)


– Why leadership training fails – and what to do about it (HBR)

Do you know what your people value? (Blanchard LeaderChat)

– Why mental illness at work need not be a solitary journey (Personnel Today)

How women leaders emerge from leaderless groups (Fast Company)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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