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Company car resource centre


Our sister site AccountingWeb has assembled a number of useful resources to help you through the company car tax regime.

Latest update: Get the lowdown on the tax implications of London's congestion charging scheme here.



Car tax table and guide
See this popular brief guide to the new regime written by experts Deloitte & Touche, already accessed over 30,000 times.

PTP company car tax download
What's best for the employer? What's best for the employee? Automatically calculate the costs under the old and new rules. Company Car vs Own Car? Give your clients the best advice. Free demonstration program. Download Now

The download is a great demo of PTP's Company Car Planner. Because it is so comprehensive, it is an 11Mb file, so it will take some time to download.

GEE company car tax guide
From GEE Publishing comes the Company Car Taxation guide. This 12 page guide covers the old and the new car tax regimes. It can be downloaded only from TaxZone for the special price of £15.00 plus VAT.

Company car workshop
Ray Chidell of Mazars Neville Russell has written a book on the new emissions-based car tax scheme with his co-author Alison Sampson. In this workshop he explains many of its nuances and deals with some frequently asked questions.

Revenue's car tax website
The Inland Revenue has put together a useful page on their website which provide basic information for employers and employees on the new regime.

Using employee's car on employer's business
A practical guide from Ray Chidell, addressing some of the practical issues in relation to the new rules applying in respect of privately owned cars.


Factsheets for employees
Two factsheets that can be given to employees to explain the new company car tax rules:

  • Employer provided company car
  • Employee provided car used for business

Company car policy: get it into gear
Fleet managers need to provide company car users with clear rules about the allocation and use of a vehicle owned by the employer. This could also include light commercial vans and larger vehicles.

Compact Law is offering a formal policy document, drawn up by lawyers to help employers manage their vehicles and ensure that they are not used incorrectly or for private use, unless specified. This policy is essential for keeping transport costs down.

Company cars: Insider tips from First Vehicle Leasing
An experienced player in the leasing market, Andy Bell, was on hand in our workshop to explain how the fleet vehicle market works and how you can set deals up to your best advantage. The workshop covered alternatives to the company car, such as employees opting for a personal purchase contract.

Late night travel
Ray Chidell explains the position where employees travel between work and home late at night on an irregular basis and the employer meets the cost of these late night journeys home.

Fixed Profit Car Scheme
Ray Chidell examines the FPCS and how it fits into the new regime and the authorised mileage rates.

Company car fuel
The question of whether the fuel scale charge arises in respect of a company car is likely to be considered during any PAYE audit by the Inland Revenue. It is very easy for the tax charge to be incurred inadvertently. Read this guide on how to avoid it.

Van or car?
The tax treatment of a van provided for the private use of a director or employee is considerably more favourable than that of a company car. This has led to serious consideration being given in some quarters to the use of a van in lieu of a car. Whilst it may not be a realistic consideration for the family driver, the range of vans available may mean that it is worth thinking about for the driver who is normally alone in the vehicle.

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