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competency framework


Setting up a team of in house facilitators to focus primarily on best value work. To effectively select and monitor need to set a competency framework for the role. Looking for existing examples.
hayley Scott

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  1. standards
    Try the TDLB units (C) or (D) which have been developed to measure such activities

    MCI may have a recognised set of standards leading to a qualification

  2. Competency frameworks for in-house facilitators
    I have not seen anything that looks much like a competency framework for internal facilitators, although I would recommend strongly ‘Consulting for Real People – a client-centred approach for change agents and leaders’ by Cockman, Evans and Reynolds. It is an excellent primer on internal consultancy/facilitation and provides an excellent description of the territory. I have had some experience trying to select and develop people into internal facilitation/consultancy roles and it is not easy! We develop competency frameworks – and we are currently working with a local authority (including best value issues) so it might be worth a chat. Web site is at Tel 01422 347560

  3. One suggestion
    You may want to try Much of what they have is for members, but there is some access for visitors. Becoming a member is $150 USD, so I don’t know if it would be worth the investment for you.


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