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Diary of a Sales Manager


How did attending the event affect your life?
It made me think more deeply than I had ever done about my life, and what was important to me, and actually analyse what makes me tick as a person.

What changes did you make to your life immediately after the event?
I started to look at myself more positively, and decided to be more proactive about making things happen that I wanted to happen, rather than just sitting back and dealing with what comes my way! I made a pact to myself to stop working such long hours, starting with no weekend work.

Have you maintained those changes?
The weekend working started to creep back into my life after three or four months, something I am a little disappointed at myself for. But I have no one to blame but myself! However, it is no where near as bad as it was.
Other than that – yes- I am doing pretty well!!

Has the event changed your outlook on life?
Absolutely – you are here once. Life is for living.
Life is what goes on when you are busy making plans. Don’t just make plans – act on them!

What would you say to someone who is thinking of attending one of Anthony Robbins events?
Be open…I was rather cynical about the whole thing. Get involved – the more you put in – the more you will get out!

At the event you were told to write down some goals in your work books – Have you achieved those goals?

  • I am spending more quality time with my friends and family.
  • I am more confident and much happier about being me!

  • I am learning to confront my fears – confrontation being one of them – best way is by practicing!

  • I have moved on from my failed marriage and have found a lovely man to spend happy times with.

  • I am happy in my career, and learning new skills all the time.

Do you feel you are a better person having attended the event?
Definitely better. Certainly happier and more content.

Would you recommend the event to others?
Certainly – don’t knock it until you have tried it. It is very American. But get stuck in, get over the ‘high fives’ and you will learn an awful lot about yourself and your interactions with others, and have fun whilst doing it.

Are you planning on attending an Anthony Robbins event again?
Possibly – I do think a regular ‘top up’ would be good – but perhaps you could do that by local workshop groups. I think perhaps another four days would be excessive for me right now !

Please score the event a mark out of ten
A cheesy 11!

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