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I am carrying out research to produce recommendations to overcome absence problems in a specific workplace which will also be used as my CIPD final management report.
I have now got to the stage where I am looking at ways of preventing absence and promoting attendance at work. I would be really interested to hear from anybody who has used occupational health provision or employee assistance programmes in their company. Also any company who, where appropriate, pays the cost of referring people for private treatment or consultation where they would otherwise be at the mercy of NHS waiting lists.
What type of provision have you used, can you recommend any particular provider?
What kind of costs have been involved?
Has it made a difference to the healthattendance of employees?
Has it made a difference in employee morale?
The workplace concerned is a manufacturing site, majority of employees are male and the most common issues of absence relate to the usual frequent minor illnesses, musculo-skeletal injuries, personal problems, alcohol and stressdepression.
Any personal experiences you can share will be greatly appreciated.

Yvonne Saxon

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  1. Sickness absence
    We deal with a lot of sickness absence management cases as an occupational health provider to a wide range of organisations. I firmly belief that well managed cases do have a serious impact on the workplace and the finances of the company. Have a quick look at for a recently published article or call 01434 608444 and we’ll gladly talk through some of the issues with you.
    Graeme Helliwell

  2. Assessing Occupational health interventions
    I have worked as a professional counsellor and chartered psychologist with several EAP providers.

    A valuable method of assessment for such interventions lies in statistical process control, which permits distinguishing between the effect of your organisation and that of anyone you commission. If you would like to speak about this, and relevant key references, you are welcome to call me on 020 8654 0808

  3. Interesting
    We are an engineering company and look at this issue on a regular basis across our 4 manufacturing sites. I would be both happy to share our views/actions and also very interested in hearing about the outcome of your project.

    Please call me on 01494 605361 Jenny

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