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Equal Opportunities Workshop: Request for EO training materials advice.


During the course of an interesting workshop on Equal Opportunities the following question was raised which I promised to enter on TrainingZONE and HR Zone ‘Any Questions’ areas.

I work as a trainer on the CIPD Certificate in Training Practice and I am not happy with the way we cover equal opps and equal access. Is there any literature anyone can suggest which would be of direct relevance and use to people approaching this subject from the training angle?

Whilst the question refers to literature, could I sugest that we collect details of all suitable and good quality EO training materials that you would be happy to personally recommend?

Kind regards,
Jon Seaton
[email protected]

2 Responses

  1. My recommendations
    In terms of literature, I personally like The Equal Opportunities Handbook by Phil Clements and Tony Spinks.

    I would also recommend the the short video ‘A tale of O’ produced by Video Arts.

    Hope this is useful


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