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Exclusive: Alan Sugar to star in next ‘Undercover Boss’ TV series


After a barrage of criticism from leading HR thinkers and bloggers, HRzone can today reveal that Alan Sugar is swapping his dictatorial style of ‘You’re fired’ in The Apprentice for the approach taken by the bosses in the UK and US TV series and has gone ‘undercover’ at Amstrad. was able to gain this exclusive access to whet the appetite of viewers following our coverage of the previous series on Channel 4 with our Undercover Boss blog and follow up interviews with the participants.

We are able to reveal a few details as filming has already been completed.

Viewers will be able to see the Lord struggling with a screwdriver as he battles to fix a set top box, and taking on the challenge of using the telephones in customer service as well as a stint in the canteen.

We can also reveal that Lord Sugar was forced to disguise himself for the role in true Undercover Boss style by growing a beard as well as donning glasses and a baseball cap.

He also decided to make use of his little-known Italian heritage, using accented English to cover his usual London twang and calling himself ‘Wan Cornetto’.

Tune in to see if he gets recognised by a colleague and whether he discovers anything new about Amstrad.

The new series starts on Channel 4 later this year.

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