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External Training Policy


We have an external training policy which needs to be amended to possibly include an element of claiming back course fees if and when people leave the organisation.
Has anyone got any experience of how this will work both in practice and any legal implications.
Tony Wares

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  1. Repayment of course fees by ex-employees
    I agree with Elizabeth – no problem with the actual policy, but getting reimbursed is where it falls down. If the ex-employee refuses to repay all or part of the cost then the employer either lets the matter drop or attempts to obtain compensation via the civil law. Legal action is expensive and the outcome is uncertain.

    Another view is that there isn’t any loss at all, it’s swings and rounabouts. Every employer benefits from the qualifications which employees bring with them on appointment and which previous employers have paid for. No financial value is usually put on the qualifications of new employees yet none of us would be where we are today but for the investment made by previous employers. It’s all part of the cost versus investment debate in relation to training.

  2. have had some experience as below
    In the organisation I recently left, the training policy included a payback element for long term, expensive qualifications, ie over £1,000. Payback was based on a sliding scale linked to the length of time worked after payment made eg left within 3 months, repay 3/4rs etc. Had it checked out with lawyer and no problem there provided staff are made aware of the policy. Reclaiming the money, however, was not always simple!

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