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Fifty top tweets from HR Tech Europe 2013


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HR Tech Europe 2013 took place on October 24th and 25th in Amsterdam, Holland. HRZone was in attendance for the full event: we've posted a comprehensive HR Tech Europe 2013 review – please read it for more information on the event, or visit the official website.

Attendees were very active on Twitter throughout the event, sharing quotes from conference sessions and talking about various issues thrown up by the latest developments in HR technology.

Here are fifty of the best tweets from the two-day event. The hashtag was #hrtecheurope.

  1. Human beings don’t engage by being managed or controlled but by self-direction. –MervynDinnen
  2. My key takeaway from #hrtecheurope, a lot of HR data is now happening in the public domain, ignore it at your peril! –Aaron_Ahmed
  3. Ambiverts (people in the middle) outperform introverts and extroverts in sales, says @DanielPink –jaccov
  4. Challenge is that too many HR professionals don't like data and fear it could reduce their culture of intuition. -david_green_uk
  5. Technical sales staff often fall down because they use their own language rather than that of their customers –HRZone
  6. Daniel Pink: Waiters who mimicked orders verbatim got 70% higher tips than those that didn’t –HRZone
  7. Focus on what the other side is thinking. Use your head as much as your heart. @DanielPink –balintkleri
  8. Dan Pink: People quit bosses, not companies.” –99GR81
  9. Daniel Pink: “The more powerful someone feels, the more their perspective-taking abilities degrade.” –HRZone
  10. Don Tapscott: "Institutions are becoming naked. If you're going to be naked, you better get buff.” -99GR81
  11. Scott Adams: MOTIVATION: The importance of #Purpose – “You can change only what people know, not what they do.” –99GR81
  12. @DanielPink cites study that showed artist’s commissioned work not as good as non-commissioned work -shackletonjones
  13. John C. Maxwell: “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” ―99GR81
  14. Dan Pink: Organisations need talented people a lot more than talented people need organisations. –socialtalent
  15. Job interviews are like airport security. Rituals that make us feel better but they don't really do much. @DanielPink -99GR81
  16. HR tomorrow: start with a strategy, then prepare for the perpetual Beta phase, change as the new constant –AlexanderCrepin
  17. HR technologies will need to change dramatically to deal with rapidly changing work patterns, says @jasonaverbook –davesumnersmith
  18. "LinkedIn knows more about your people than you do. Which means so do your competitors." @jasonaverbook –Globoforce
  19. Josh Bersin recommends The Principles of Scientific Management about data science in #HR. The books over 100 years old…. –HRZone
  20. Consumers have better technology today than businesses for the first time ever @jasonaverbook –david_green_uk
  21. Big takeaway is if-then motivators are great for 20th century work, not for 21st century work –shackletonjones
  22. The new powerful, simple story from #HR: "People performance = added value x cost." Increase value, decrease cost. SIMPLES –HRZone
  23. 'Inventiveness, artistry and big picture thinking are the skills now prominent within the workforce' @DanielPink –shanika_charles
  24. Imagine a question was asked "What if we educate our people & they leave?" The CEO replies, "What if we don't & they stay?" -99GR81
  25. "Too many people build quicker horses." Marginally improving versus disruption. –PatrickBoonstra
  26. Great quote from Katherine Jones "If HR technology doesn't meet a business need it's just cool technology" –Nick_Holley
  27. "70% of social media use is just gossip" Important for corporate use. Don't expect people to discuss work all the time” –gdebakker
  28. Data is not new to HR ->invest in people to analyze your data! Datafication of data is here to stay! @JoshBersin –bettinarflick
  29. HR Myth #1: People from Top Universities with good grades are high performers @Josh_Bersin #hrtecheurope" –socialtalent
  30. Talent analytics is now a business critical function, they have a broader perspective on employees than any manager -john_antos
  31. As orgs get to strategic reporting, they often don't move past it never getting to advanced or predictive analytics –JulieKnight
  32. @Bersin research: level of value surpasses effort as organisations move from strategic reporting to advanced analytics level –david_green_uk
  33. People #data is a solution waiting for a problem. HR needs to start by asking which business problem are they trying to solve? –cmurrayuk
  34. Important for all – In order to get #bigdata you must have #gooddata – cant jump to one without the other –jasonaverbook
  35. Main point: we ve been using data in #HR for a long long time. so what's changed? Mainframes,statistical analysis, & ATS –HRZone
  36. Companies have failed due to not moving their business model with the times, it will be the same with engagement strategy. –garelaos
  37. Research from @HenleyBSchool found a number of cases where HR were deliberately undermining business case for #bigdata  –david_green_uk
  38. Do not spend one more penny on keeping the old technology afloat. @InFullBloomUS –DwayneLay
  39. Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO: The two functions that will change the most in companies are #HR & sales/marketing. –OracleHCM
  40. We don't talk enough about robotics in HR. Some jobs have disappeared, thousands more to come – the elephant in the room? –david_green_uk
  41. Assumption of resistance: "no this could not work in this company. It would work for me and my friends, but not for others." –PatrickBoonstra
  42. With day 1 winding down, it's becoming clear that there is no one-size fits all approach to #hcm –SF_EMEA
  43. #bigdata is like teen sex: everyone talks about it, everybody says he did it, but only a few really did it… -fredericw
  44. The more successful a company is the broader the definition of talent –shackletonjones
  45. Fundamental friction between maintaining regulatory compliance and innovation at the edges in HR tech. –MichaelCusters
  46. Core HR requires a deep understanding of local legislation and must ease the compliance issue. -Let_Anita
  47. Logical design is not always what people need, common sense, making evolutionairy steps shouldn't be forgotten. –Alexander Crepin
  48. @euan Your staff already have a social media policy and if you're lucky they include you in it. –MervynDinnen
  49. The average organisation has 7 HR systems acc to @Josh_Bersin Wow! –socialtalent
  50. Most managers wait for something to go wrong and then fix it, succesful managers look for what's good and reinforce it. -cschellekens
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