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‘Get your jab in first!’ says Henry Cooper


UK boxing icon Henry Cooper will again be spearheading this year’s government campaign for people to be immunised against the flu virus.

Last years campaign which brought “our ‘enry” in to lead efforts to reduce the target age group from 75 years to 65 years was considered to have been a great success. The target this year is to immunise 65% of all over-65s compared to last years achieved 60% of all over-65s.

There will be extra attention for groups of people considered especially-at-risk.

For most people, flu is an unpleasant, but ultimately not serious infection. But for those who have chronic respiratory disease, asthma, renal or heart disease, diabetes or impaired immunity, it can lead to serious complications, or even death.

People who fall into those groups, whatever their age, will be encouraged to have the free immunisation in the new campaign.

Employers are increasingly becoming aware that encouraging their staff to have the ‘flu jab’ can ultimately be far more cost effective in reduced absenteeism.

Anyone seeking to have the flu vaccine should contact their GP directly.

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