Ambivert definition

Ambiverts are those who display neither strong introversion nor extroversion features but are more rounded, with the ability to flexibly change their external traits depending on the situation at hand. The concept of ambiversion is underpinned by the theory that introversion/extroversion can be ranked on a single, continuous spectrum, rather than that everyone is either an introvert or an extrovert. Ambiverts are those who sit roughly in the middle of the spectrum, and are moderately comfortable in large social situations but also require time alone.

A study, published in Psychological Science in April 2013, suggests that ambiverts may outperform extroverts in sales environments, going against the grain of popular opinion that extroverts excel in sales environments. Dan Pink, former Al Gore scriptwriter and bestselling author, popularised this idea in his book, To Sell Is Human, in which he examines the theory that in today’s world of information parity, we are all sales people in that we have to convince others to give us something they value (time, money, attention).