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HIV sufferers face workplace discrimination


A survey by Positive Futures, a partnership of HIV has revealed the shocking extent of discrimination in the workplace.

According to the findings, 85% of managers believe that people living with the illness are regularly discriminated against.

Other findings include:

  • 40% felt people living with HIV should not be allowed to work as chefs

  • 24% thought they should not work as waiters

  • only 38% thought a nurse with HIV could undertake their role

Most people (85%) indicated that it would be acceptable for an HIV sufferer to work as a cleaner.

Stephen Bitti, chief executive of the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS said: “Rates of HIV continue to grow at an alarming rate in the UK. There are currently estimated to be around 66,500 people living with the virus in the UK. With advances in medication, the biggest barriers in employment for PLHIV are not health, but stigma and discrimination in the workplace.”

A recent revelation by former cabinet minister Chris Smith showed that he had been living with HIV for many years without disclosing his status to his employers.

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Annie Hayes


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