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How Did I Get Here? Massimo Macarti, HR Director, Canon Europe…continued


Keep reading to hear more from HR Director of Canon Europe, Massimo Macarti.

6. Will HR survive outsourcing and changes to service delivery?

I definitely think so. Outsourcing requires very strong leadership from the client, so for good people with strong knowledge and experience, there’s lots of future. You have to drive outsourcing partners or change the way you deliver service – HR adds lots of value to it.

7. What’s the new skill set of HR?

I have been service director, marketing director, and have corporate strategy experience at Canon, so I encourage HR staff to gain other experiences to enlarge their views outside of the pure HR world. I urge diverse experiences to gain functional expertise.

8. What’s the worst thing about working in HR and the best?

The best thing is working with people, and the worst thing is working with people! There are advantages and disadvantages to it; you can’t separate the bad and the good.

9. What are the key issues preventing HR professionals from getting a seat on the board?

Credibility – if you can deliver business results through managing people, HR is very well positioned to sit on the board. I do. The point is, if HR is central to the business agenda, you will sit on the board.

10. If you have a mantra or motto what is it?

My mantra is the same as the mission I give to my staff – “Develop the business by developing people”.

11. What are you currently reading?

The medieval text, The Quest for the Holy Grail. Having read business books lately, I wanted something completely different!

12. What would be your desert island disc?

I don’t have one single disc because I’m a jazz fan, so I’d say Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Keith Jared.

13. If you could have lunch with two famous people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

  • Nelson Mandela – in a way he was a magician. Facing some very difficult situations he was able to overcome them with something I wouldn’t have expected – for example, forgiving for the past. I’d like to listen to him over lunch.

  • Michael Jordan – He had a very great talent whilst at university, and was able to become the most famous basketball player ever. He was able to work on this talent through application, training, etc, and increased it.
  • 14. If you’d like to be remembered for one thing what is it?

    Being able to make change happen.

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