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How Did I Get Here? Trevor Lakin, IPPM


Trevor Lakin

Trevor Lakin, Managing Director at the Institute of Payroll and Pensions Management, is this week’s star of HR Zone’s regular ‘How Did I Get Here?’ feature. Trevor reflects on the time when he was told to get ‘off his fat arse’ and start making an impact! Scroll down to find out more.

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What initial training did you receive within the profession
I attended an Open University “Effective Manager” Distance Learning course.

What did you do before this job?
Prior to getting this job I held a number of positions including Warehouse Hand, Computer Programmer/Analyst, Computer Lecturer, Software Manager and Director.

Is there a significant event you can tell us about which had an impact on your career?
In May 1984 there was a lunch at the Bull Hotel, Peterborough when the then Payroll Manager of the CSS (Civil Airline Authority) told me to “get off my fat arse, stop freeloading all these lunches, and create a professional payroll organisation.”

What has been your greatest achievement?
Creating and launching The Institute of Payroll and Pensions Management in 1985. It used to be a hobby but now it is a full time job for myself and 41 colleagues plus over 70 part-time tutors who work on our Payroll and Pensions qualifications.

Which of your colleagues played the biggest role in you getting where you are today?
Ted Abraham. He was a “brewed up” tank commander who fought for what he thought was right (in business and war. He spent over six months persuading my then manager that he wanted me to join the IT Department – 1967.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering the profession?
ENJOY IT, sort the bull from what is real and never stop learning. Make any decisions today then correct any mistakes tomorrow, don’t procrastinate.

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