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How to avoid bad debts with clients


We are delighted to announce the launch of a new online service which can really prevent you from losing money in your business. Bad debts are a nightmare: you’ve done all the work, you’ve sent the client your invoice, but they don’t pay up; you’ve been polite on the phone – and now you’re wondering whether to take them to court (with all the hassle that involves).

As any business course will tell you: once you’ve done the work, you’re entitled to the money – but that’s not how a minority of your clients see it. Bad debt is the curse of many small businesses.

TrainingZONE and HR Zone offer you two solutions to avoid this problem. We’ve teamed up with PayMentor to provide you with a complete online solution to avoiding bad debts and regain control over your cashflow.

PayMentor achieves this in a five step process, all of which is automated:

  • It checks that your client is satisfied with your service and reminds them of payment due dates
  • It deals with any problems before they become a reason for non-payment
  • It chases non-payment using the best debt-collection techniques, keeping control in your hands
  • It notifies the major credit bureaux of bad debtors
  • It employs specialist agents if it ever becomes necessary to enforce collection

The system uses best-practice techniques from customer relations and debt-management schools

You can use PayMentor to help you to collect your debts at internet speed, whilst you maintain total control over your customer relationships. Take action against late payment and debt recovery now!

During this launch period there is are special offers for all TrainingZONE and HR Zone members.

The PayMentor service is available from the HR Resource Centre area and the TrainingZONE Toolkit area or it can be accessed directly here.

Remember too, that you can use our other service to avoid contracting with a debt-prone client. In our Business Directories area we offer a Company Check service which enables you to get financial data on every UK limited and registered company as well as every UK company director.

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