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How to get a promotion or pay increase!


Employees who put in extra work activity with charities and voluntary organisations are more likely to be promoted or to receive pay increases according to a new report from volunteer work promoters Timebank.

The report, a result of a survey of 200 businesses around the UK, revealed that the majority of businesses believe that experiences from voluntary activity are more valuable than experiences gained through paid employment.

John Rafferty, chief executive of Timebank said that businesses were realising that voluntary work not only benefitted staff but also the company as a whole.

James Reed, chief executive of Reed, said that employers clearly feel that volunteering develops particular skills, such as communication and team working, which are valuable in today’s highly-pressured business world.

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    Though this story, or shall we say-research, sounds a little strange and anti-climatic, fact remains that tomorrows’corporations will be peopled by volunteers. This requires a different skill set.People in tomorrows’ organizations will have to be cared differently. Despite economic slowdown of 2001 AD, people are not going to take ’employment’as seriously as we take today. There will be options and choices aplenty.

    Therefore, skills to manage ‘volunteers’ is going to be highly prized.Also, it is no wonder that today employers are finding it worthwhile to look at those who have abilities to work with volunteers. There will be a need to train people to acquire skills to ‘manage and lead’ groups of volunteers–something which network marketing training organizations like NETWORK 21 has been doing for years. Long live Volunteerism !

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