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How to: Make it to the top of the HR tree … continued


The value of networking
Lastly, you should never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned networking. We are always keen to offer advice on how staff can develop inter and intrapersonal skills and point out how employees handle themselves and relate to their colleagues, clients and suppliers is critical for their own career progression and for the company’s success.

But this is as true for HR professionals as any other employee. Understanding other people, discerning the moods of others and what motivates them, as well as understanding your own behaviour and how to operate effectively, are important skills to develop. By mastering these, the top HR professionals are able to effectively raise the profile of themselves and their function both internally and externally.

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  1. The importance of the client
    I agree with much of this article but there are two key atributes missing. We have carried out research with highly successful HR business partners and identified the difference the makes a difference between the ‘highest performers.” in the view of their CEO, and the “ordinary.” The two things missing that our research found were the ability to build deep client relationships whilst remaining independence. This means that the most successful will challenge the client but maintain their respect by doing so for the good of the business. The BP’s we interviewed did this with political savvy and courage and their clients respect. You can learn more on our web site http://www.thesuccessprofile. com our use the contact details

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Annie Hayes


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