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How would people like to work?


A survey from learndirect has attempted to identify the UK's favourite dream team at work. Miss Moneypenny emerge as Britain’s overwhelming favourite “dream PA”, seeing off fierce opposition from Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston. Significantly, Moneypenny staked her claim as the most desirable dream secretary among women and men.

Richard Branson topped the “dream boss” category. David Beckham came second, relegating his real-life boss, Sven Goran Eriksson, into third position. Television tyrant, Simon Cowell, claimed last place in the model manager poll, implying that his ‘people skills’ might well benefit from a refresher course.

Alan Titchmarsh and Davina McCall were the most popular choices as ideal colleagues, showing Britain’s workers are pre-disposed towards affable co-workers. Australian crooner Rolf Harris defeated youth icon and DJ Fatboy Slim in the same league.

Helen Milner a Director of learndirect comments: “Miss Moneypenny’s runaway victory in the role of dream PA is testament to the weight given to skills and efficiency in the workplace. At learndirect we aim to encourage people to build their skills in whichever direction will best help them accomplish their dreams, whether they be budding Bransons, Titchmarshes or Moneypennys”.

Adding to the Branson, Titchmarsh, Moneypenny “dream team”, learndirect built a profile of the ultimate fantasy job. Over half the population (59%) said that, were they able to acquire one “superhuman power” at work, they would opt for the ability to read their boss’s mind and in a world where money was no object, Britons would choose charity work as their favoured occupation. They would also create more leisure time in the evening by starting and finishing their working day earlier.

91% of people in Britain also have a concept of their “real life” dream job, but only 12% of people are currently doing that job. 42% of people said that they would be prepared to work longer hours, while 73% of people questioned said that they would be prepared to skill up in a completely new field to achieve their working dreams.


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