New Year planning: how to design a successful team offsite day


While preparations for the end of the year are underway, most of us are also thinking ahead to the raft of team offsite days that will be held in early 2020. There’s no rest for the wicked! Offsites should feel very different to regular meetings. Here are a few tips to help you design and […]

Why a VUCA business environment can be a positive thing


 A lot has been written about the volatile and complex trading environment today but it’s only as difficult as we make it for ourselves. If we focus instead on collaboration over competition, we could make VUCA a positive thing.  We like an acronym in the business world. VUCA is one that has been doing the […]

Three ways to develop a sense of belonging in the workplace


Within any organisation, the need to feel like part of a team and to develop a sense of belonging is a vital to ensuring a comfortable working environment, and to a certain extent, increasing productivity.   Whether you’re a new starter though, or simply joining a new team within a company that you’ve worked in […]

Psychological safety: how supportive teams enable innovation


Companies that embrace psychological safety often focus on the positive effect it has on team cohesion. Whilst that is important, it also allows people with different personality types the chance to share innovative ideas.  Psychological safety has become something of a trendy topic in management, even though there is much confusion about what it actually means and how it might be measured.  […]

Groupthink: how to avoid the follower mentality


Businesses must remain vigilant against the dangers of groupthink and create a workplace culture that encourages and listens to diverse opinions. Back in 2007 I ran a session for senior traders in a financial services organisation. A participant was presenting a project about a complex new financial product to the room. As the presentation rolled […]

Book review: The Power of a Positive Team


HRZone has a range of books available for review. If you would like to receive one of our business books, free of charge, please contact the editor on editor at hrzone dot com and we can send you a list of what’s available. In return, we ask for a 400-700 word review of the book, its […]

Follower-focused leadership: how to become a better manager


Effective leadership does not come from being an expert in business theory but from paying close attention to your followers and closing the perception gap between what leadership is and what it should be. A great deal of leadership training involves encouraging managers to think of themselves as leaders. Perhaps you yourself have been encouraged in […]

A new way to unleash creativity and innovation


Advances in technology mean it’s possible for an organisation to measure individual creativity using AI, but that doesn’t guarantee innovative ideas. In order to have the competitive edge you need to nuture a team of creative innovators. Innovation is essential in today’s organisations. When your competitors have access to the same technology and resources as you – and they can quickly […]

Communication skills: what your team say, and what they really mean…


Getting feedback from your team is a key part of employee engagement, but it’s what you do with that information that really counts.  Feedback is an incredibly powerful tool; it’s something that can help uncover issues your team might be facing or on the flip side, to better recognise the things you’re doing well. As […]