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HR Briefing #23 – Employment law updates, Getting to grips with IT, Interview: Sarah Perman


HR Briefing Issue 23 8 February 2001
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1. INFORMATION and NEWS: Employment law updates, Getting to grips
with IT, Interview: Sarah Perman
2. RESOURCES: How to have access to them on YOUR site!
3. COMMENT: Softworld: Talking the same HR language?
4. COMMUNITY FEATURES: Any Answers? Training Employment Contract
Health and Safety Policies


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A sample of recent stories from our news pages

Interview: Sarah Perman, Director of the Partnership Institute
The Partnership Institute, works on partnership approaches to
problem solving, cutting out confrontational industrial relations.
HR Zone interviews Director Sarah Perman

Conduct of Employment Agencies and Businesses
The Government released a final draft of the Conduct of Employment
Agencies and Employment Business Regulations for comment.

New service to keep you upto date with employment law
Want to be kept up to date on the latest employment law from one
of the UK’s top employment law barristers? Now you can!!!

Watch Articles
We have a wide range of frequently updated news round-ups:

HR Weekly Watch – HR related stories – updated weekly
University for Industry Watch – does exactly what it says
Revenue Watch – Announcements from the Inland Revenue
Government Watch – Government announcements affecting T and D
Learning and Skills Council Watch – latest LSC developments

Managers getting to grips with IT
The increasing strategic importance of IT is adding the need for
new skill-sets to management roles say FTdynamo in their regular
weekly article.

How YOU can display HR resources and directories on your website
Here’s how you can integrate and display comprehensive resource
pages on your website or intranet for the benefit of your clients
and staff:

Indian Earthquake
The Disaster Emergency Committee agencies are targeting over half
a million people following the Indian Earthquake; helping to
provide temporary housing, clean water and sanitation, food,
caring for health needs and preventing the spread of disease.
It will take many years to rebuild the shattered lives of the
people of Gujarat. To make a donation visit:

A library of practical resources for your immediate use is at

Learningmatters and TrainingZONE video deal!
Stuck for inspiration? The learningmatters area of sister-site
TrainingZONE’s Toolkit has a wide range of support materials
designed to run as complete training sessions for 2 or more
delegates. To celebrate the launch of new activities using Video
Arts clips, learningmatters are offering TrainingZONE members
and HR Zone members a special deal…

How to get unmetered access to the Internet: newly updated
When our advice pages on unmetered Internet access went live
last summer they attracted plenty of interest. Since then,
things have moved quickly, with a number of ISPs finding they
couldn’t cope with demand, and pulling services altogether. In
the wake of the recent announcements from ntl and others, we’ve
brought our pages right up to date with the latest information on
obtaining the best deal online. Find out more at

These services are all part of the extensive HR Resource Centre
which is now available and expanding fast at


View From The Hill: Softworld: Talking the same HR language?

Softworld HR and Payroll exhibition at the ExCel centre in the
London Docklands closed today having proved to be a useful event
– for some. To Softworld I would say, “Yes, as a visitor it was
well organised, and I would definitely return and I would tell
others to visit too”. To many of the exhibitors I would say
something very different.

Softworld HR and Payroll is almost exclusively about using
technology within the HR and Payroll functional sphere to improve
the service that HR people offer to their customers.

There is an important point to remember here; most of the
exhibitors are from a software development or sales company and
most of the visitors are from HR and Payroll departments or
companies. What most HR people will want to do is cut through the
technical terms and jargon, cut through the story about how
successful your bells and whistles system has been with other
organisations and go quickly to how your offering will help them
improve their work, in their organisation.

Boasting an “integrated” system when your visitor doesn’t know
the benefits of an integrated system will not help your cause.
Extolling the “pan European” capabilities will not help your
cause greatly to a UK centred business. Using the term “global”
in every other sentence will not impress every visitor to
your stand. And frequent unexplained reference to ASP, will
likely leave your visitor suspiciously looking for snakes.

There is plenty of good news coming out of Softworld HR and
Payroll, but it can tend to get lost in the translation.

Jon Seaton
mailto:[email protected]

PS This may be useful – How to select a payroll system


See our jobs listing at:

amongst the listing this week:

Personnel Officer

HR Consultants



Refer-a-Friend and save money
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Questions, Any Answers?
HR Zone members regularly look for answers to questions by
posting them in our Any Answers section at

Some questions from this week:

Nick Harris
Nick is looking for an Employment Contract for a Training Manager
check the Employment Law Centre at
and click the link “Employment Contracts”
other suggestions welcomed too

Antoinette Wilcox
Antoinette is looking for help writing a Health and Safety Policy


And Finally…

Allegedly from the National Science Foundation in the USA

The sport of choice for unemployed people is: BASKETBALL
The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is: BOWLING
The sport of choice for front line workers is: FOOTBALL
The sport of choice for supervisors is: BASEBALL
The sport of choice for middle management is: TENNIS
The sport of choice for corporate officers is: GOLF

CONCLUSION: The higher you are in the corporate structure…
…the smaller your balls become.


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