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HR Tip: Providing prescription spectacles


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Q: “Our computer operator says that she needs prescription glasses. Do we have to provide them?”

A: Yes, if an optician prescribes them specifically for when she is working at a screen. You need pay only for a basic pair. However you may choose to give the woman that value in cash so that she can, if she chooses, buy a more attractive pair.

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2 Responses

  1. cheaper prescription glasses online
    Alternatively, you may wish to contact an online optical goods provider such as to request a discount or voucher acceptance for your employees – prescription glasses can be bought online far cheaper than in high street shops*, with Site4eyes’ prices starting at just £15!
    They also offer stylish designer frames from £45. (* Requires a valid prescription.)

  2. There’s more to this than meets the eye!
    Do have a look at the Health & Safety Executive Display Screen Equipment Regulations to ensure that you meet all of the requirements – it isn’t just about paying for spectacles.

    The rules only apply to “Users” and although a computer operator will almost certainly be covered the regulations don’t apply to staff who only use a computer occasionally and for short periods.

    Users are entitled to regular eye tests which the employer has to pay for.

    Employers only have to pay for spectacles that are specifically for display screen work – they do not have to pay if the spectacles are needed for other purposes such as reading / driving in addition to display screen work. If you do pay for spectacles that are not soley for display screen equipment use they are considered to be a benefit for both income tax and National Insurance purposes.

    New employees who will be using display screens and existing employees who will be using display screens for the first time (new role / new technology etc.) must be offered an eye test before they start working with the display screen.

    Employers must provide employees with information explaining how they comply with these regulations.

    There are a number of eyecare voucher schemes available (e.g Accor / Specsavers / Dolland & Aitchison etc.) which can help employers comply with these regulations.

    Hope this helps.

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