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HR tip: Tired employee that makes mistakes


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"One of our employees always appears tired and makes more mistakes than other people. What should we do?"

HR tip:

Wake them up, call them to a meeting, explain your observations and concerns, and then ask them to try to explain why they are so tired. If there is the slightest suspicion that there is an underlying medical condition, insist that they seek medical attention.

From then on, deal with the matter as one of ill health or even disability. However, if there is sufficient evidence that the tiredness is caused by evenings of debauchery or other employment, then you should follow your disciplinary procedure by counselling followed by an informal warning (if there is no improvement) and ultimately, if all efforts fail, by dismissal for misconduct.

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  1. Tired Employee – assess and then action
    It is not uncommon for employees to be tired all the time. GPs now say that up to 1 in 3 patients comes to see them complaining of feeling tired all the time. So common is this that they now simply abbreviate it to TATT.

    It is easy to understand how fatigue is becoming endemic in the developed world and if you visit our blog (via our website: you will see some more facts and figures.

    My suggestion is that for this particular employee (as well as all staff) you undertake a specific fatigue assessment (we can help). This will not only help you to understand the levels of fatigue for that individual but across your organisation. From there it is easy to educate those most in need. In many cases fatigue is simply a matter of making lifestyle alterations.

    On the other side not addressing the issue could result in significantly lower productivity and in some cases dire health consequences.

    Marcus de Guingand
    Managing Director, MetroNaps UK

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