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HR workers love the job despite rising workloads


A whopping 94% of HR workers say they are happy in their role even though workloads are rising as the credit crunch bites.

This is according to recruitment outfit Badenoch & Clark’s ‘Happiness at Work Index’. The findings show that, of those surveyed, HR workers reported the highest increase in their workload since the start of 2008, and one in four say groaning workloads has increased to the equivalent of an extra day per week.

Despite the majority remaining happy, nearly one in three has handed in their notice as a direct result of rising workloads and 56% said they were less confident about their career than at the start of the year – more than in any other industry.

Allison Gray, of Badenoch & Clark, said: “The results of the Index this time around are particularly revealing for HR workers. It seems the job is becoming very labour intensive. When it comes to career prospects, confidence is dropping fast.

“The key message for employers is to not misread the unprecedented high levels of happiness for long-term genuine engagement. HR as a profession is facing some very serious challenges at the moment, and employers need to be seen to be tackling those challenges head on. If that doesn’t happen, employers leave themselves open to losing a lot of their best talent.” recently reported on predictions from the British Chambers of Commerce, which suggest unemployment will reach 2 million in the next two to three years.

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