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HR Zone’s Contracts and Tenders Help Page


Our Contracts and Tenders Directory offers you greater functionality than before. A few moments spent reviewing these Help features will enable you to get the maximum value from this service.

CareerZone Services and Pricing for Tenders
Important- Please Read Carefully

Our competitive rates provide a cost-effective solution, allowing you to place your tenders in front of tens of thousands of potential applicants at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

In addition to our existing range of marketing opportunities we would also be open to discussing bespoke packages such as Salary Survey sponsorship, market research and joint projects. It is our aim to work in close partnership with advertising clients to the benefit of both our members' interests and our clients' business objectives.

Single Tender Postings are charged at £10 per job per week, or as a High Impact 'Top Contract' at £50 per tender per week. These Tenders will be automatically removed after 28 days.

For Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Annual packages, Corporate Pages, 'Top Contract', Sponsorship, Bespoke Services and general inquiries please contact Richard Sergeant on 0117 9158652.

How to search for a contract or tender
There are six ways of searching:

  1. To list all current contracts, just click Search.
  2. To search for all contracts containing your choice of keyword, enter a Keyword and click Search.
  3. To list all contracts of a particular type, select the Type and click Search. (You can select multiple Types by holding down the Control key.)
  4. To list contracts by value, select a Contract Value and click Search.
  5. To list contracts by time length, select a Duration and click Search
  6. To list contracts by geographic area, select a Region and click Search

Please note: you can search using just one or more of these options – do you not need to select from each box.
You can also view a list of contracts published before 20 October 2000

How to respond to a Contract or Tender
On each posting you will find a link to Further Information and Apply Online. Depending on the information provided by the client, you will be able to see their name, phone, fax, and send them your details.

How to add your contracts and tenders
There is an online form for adding your own contracts and tenders. To add a contract you need to be logged in or registered (free); this is necessary to protect your security and privacy and prevents other people changing your contracts.

How to edit or delete your existing contracts and tenders
Contracts and tenders are made invisible after 28 days. You can list and edit your published contracts at any time.

How to be notified by email about new contracts and tenders
You can set up any number of personal alerts which will notify you by email when a new contract is added; you can choose to be notified about contracts which match your Type, Region or Keyword (or any combination of these). To create an alert you need to be logged in or registered (free); this is necessary to protect your security and privacy and prevents other people changing your alerts. You can edit or delete your alerts at any time.

Where can I publish Jobs Vacancies?
On our Jobs pages!

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Let me add a contract on the Contracts and Tenders page.


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