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Michael Gentle

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In a Nutshell: Four ways to ensure that staff have a healthy work-life balance


Because this is National Work-Life Week, it’s a good time to think about the importance of achieving a healthy balance between the two.

Michael Gentle, head of consumer marketing at online jobs board, Monster UK and Ireland, shares his top tips for ensuring that employees do just that:
1. Increase happiness: Ensure staff know about the benefits
Help boost employee satisfaction by ensuring that everyone is aware of the workplace opportunities open to them. Such opportunities can range from flexible working schemes to training or encouraging staff to use their charity days.
But also put a bit of extra thought into the benefits packages that personnel are offered. Consider giving them the day off for their birthday or providing an annual allowance to spend as they choose on activities that help personal development such as learning a language or taking music lessons.
2. Increase options: Put flexible working on the radar
Your employees have the right to ask for flexible working and you have a legal duty to seriously consider it. Eligible staff members can ask to change the hours that they work and request to be based from another location for all or part of the week.
But giving employees time out to undertake additional studies – or even sponsoring them to study for an MBA or higher education qualification if you can afford it – will also reap rewards. Another option is job-sharing. If you can accommodate it, you could keep hold of valuable team members while lowering costs.
3. Increase engagement: Introduce a bit of fun
Hold away-days and other activities in order to boost morale and encourage team-building by enabling employees to interact with one another on a more personal level.
Even holding fun activities that are cheap to run in the office such as “bake-offs” or movie nights can have a really positive impact. Team competitions also encourage healthy interaction and are good for relationship building.
4. Increase knowledge: Build on existing employee skills
Well-trained staff are both likely to feel more confident in their role and deliver better results. Internal employee training sessions can also encourage knowledge-sharing, while keeping costs to a minimum.
But also ensure that personnel are given clear career progression paths: set monthly and yearly objectives that are regularly reviewed so that people feel as if they are making progress towards achieving their goals and climbing the career ladder at the same time.
Motivational speakers and time management experts will likewise help to inspire people and make them more eager to do their best.
All in all, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that enabling your employees to have a healthier work-life balance will be crucial to the overall success of the business. This is because such a focus encourages trust and job satisfaction as well as better staff engagement, morale and performance.
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Michael Gentle

Head of Consumer Marketing

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