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Induction design consultants


I would like to have recommendations for consultants (to help me) to design an induction framework for my organisation oof 1,200 staff. I have done some research into current internal practice and what we have is inflexible and very paper based.
I would like to work with consultants who are specialists in this area and who can take on parts of the project from beginning (project planning/communication/research) to end (resource design/evaluation).
I would like to create a framework that is flexible enough to be useful to new staff, voluteers and consultants working with the organisation.
I would like the induction support materials to be available in a variety of formats – paper, PC, video etc… so that it meets the style and needs of the users.
I want… I want… I want… If you know anyone or a company to fit this bill, let me know.
Sue Northend

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  1. I want, I want, I want
    My company have developed a number of induction programmes varying in length from 2 days to 6 months. We develop all aspects of the training internally including:
    * Multimedia via CD / Intranet and Web based
    * Trainer led materials in a variety of formats.
    * Management information tools
    * All processes and procedures other words, the lot. Our work has been in heavily regulated environments, so we’re familiar with big challenges.
    Happy to chat over your needs. Drop me line.

  2. I can help
    Having experienced for myself you’re current dilema I am in an ideal situation to help you out, if you haven’t already found the solution.

    You can contact me on 01822 841493 or 07779 144907. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Induction Training – another response – if it is not too late!
    Evolution Multimedia Training Solutions are an association of Training Consultants and Multimedia Graphics & Presentation providers who specialise in Multimedia Recruitment and Induction Training. Past induction training customers include Dell Corporation, Oracle, Deloitte Touche Tomhatsu, and currently working with UUNET (part of Worldcom MCI). We would be pleased to support any part (or indeed the whole) of the Induction Training production process.
    I would be happy to forward you a presentation, discuss our services or arrange a demo of the work mentioned above. Please give me a a call on 01908-217868 (mobile 07798-710658) or email at [email protected].
    Regards Peter Cumpstey (Senior Partner)

  4. Metis Training & Development can provide your solution
    Dear Sue
    We have recently designed an Induction Package for a company with over 22,000 staff at over 500 sites to run over an Intranet and CD.
    Add to this a background of open learning design and delivery covering a variety of topics, and an in-house web design and graphic production company and you can see we have experience that would contribute to your project.
    Induction is one of my main subject areas, along with customer service and the sales process, and I would be delighted to talk with you.

    Call me on 0161 875 0100 or e-mail at [email protected]. Web site
    Happy Christmas to all and a prosperous new year for 2001.

  5. Induction design
    Hi Sue,
    We have an induction framework which your existing content can be slotted into. It integrates, paper, courses and intranet-based content/learning. Itcovers company info, HR info, first week activities. It can also include role/job induction and basic training modules. Let me know if you are interested. Its used by companies like Sun Microsytems and BT Telemarketing.

  6. Willing to assist ‘You Want’ I believe ‘I Got’
    34yrs in ‘blue chip’ chemical manufacturing industry covering shop floor, supervision, management(incl’s work study through to Improvement Development manager). Gained and used IiP as vehicle for change. Independent consultant for two years mainly working in Universities(delivering Proj Mgmt and Higher Skills training/schools(Change Mgmt)/SME’s(various). I am sure I could assist in some way. Contact me to discuss further.

  7. Needs – induction training
    I may be able to contribute from research and development of methods and tools across a variety of industries, for folk in these categories: senior managers, executive in second and mid-career appointments, managers newly promoted from within, people with disabilities, school and college leavers.
    I have an emphasis on self-assessment materials so that individuals can quickly related policy and practice to their own responsibilities and initiatives; and on using I.T. selectively but incisively.
    A professional psychologist, counsellor and ergonomits, I work contentedly with other consultants.

    Kieran Duignan
    C Psychol, FCIPD

  8. We can satisfy your wants Sue
    Hi Sue,

    I have just seen your request for assitance in developing an induction
    programme into your company. I believe that we can help you. We have
    experience in this field, especially where a company may be undergoing growth
    and change. Our experience with a company of 1000 staff, of which 80% were
    new to the company and in some cases were schol leavers, involved integrating
    staff destined for technical and highly numerate work, through to customer
    service call centre personnel and general administrative staff and IT
    consultants. We have also introduced sales staff to a company ensuring that
    all joiners attained a basic level of understanding of the role they were
    undertaking and that they met a minimum level standard of knowledge.

    We have a flexible and consultative approach to the projects we undertake and
    enjoy complete project challenges. We favour all mediums of information
    delivery and have access to the latest multi-media training techniques and

    Should you like the sound of what we believe we can offer, then please e-mail
    Vernon Simmons of Totalfeature Ltd, on [email protected] or call 01362 687969. I
    am sure we can help you with your needs.


    Vernon Simmons MCIPD

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