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Jive adds gamification to social intranet apps to boost staff engagement


In a bid to boost employee engagement, Jive Software has included a gamification module in its newly unveiled social intranet applications.

Based on the vendor’s Social Business platform, the offering can adapt to user needs by analysing social graph data and can also be integrated with third party systems, the firm claimed. 
The gamification functionality is based on Bunchball‘s technology and is intended to engage staff by encouraging them to take part in internal competitions with colleagues for rewards or engage externally with customers by becoming ‘product champions’.
Nathan Rawlins, Jive’s vice president of product marketing, said: “For years, Jive has used game mechanics to drive user engagement. With Bunchball, we’re taking gamification to the next level – we are giving Jive customers the ability to personalise incentives that encourage specific business activities for greater user engagement and business value.”
The software also provides:
  • Collaboration capabilities such as enabling customers to create and edit documents and access intelligent recommendations and filtered activity streams
  • User access from most popular smartphone and tablet devices
  • Integration with legacy systems to enable the easy migration of old data and content to the new system
  • Access to the Jive Apps Market
Esteban Kolsky, founder of customer services think tank, ThinkJar, said that existing enterprise intranets used static, outdated information and all too often fell short of the needs and expectations of today’s sophisticated workforce.
“Employees are often frustrated with the rigidity of the technology and the difficulty of getting to the right information and subject-matter experts. With the latest advancements in social business, there is clearly an unprecedented opportunity to transform intranets into internal social networks that are engaging and productive,” he added.
Both Jive Gamification and Jive Social Intratnet Solution are available from today.
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