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Job-seekers hunt for homeworking opportunities


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UK job-seekers are more likely to choose a job offering a homeworking option than their European neighbours, say the latest findings.

The option to homework was cited as an important consideration for future work by over half of the UK respondents in the Epson survey of 750 workers across five European countries.

This is despite the fact that the UK currently has one of the lowest percentages of staff working from home (48%) – compared with 60% in Germany.

Reducing stress was thought to be the main benefit, with 81% of UK workers choosing this as the reason to work from home.

However, the survey raised concerns about homeworkers not having the technological resources to perform to the same standards as their office colleagues.

The survey also highlighted a paranoia amongst many UK homeworkers – over half of the UK respondents admitted to e-mailing or telephoning a colleague first thing in the morning to prove they were working whereas only 14% of Germans felt the need to do so.

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