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Looking for UK based HR bloggers!


I have been blogging for almost 2 years now. The benefits to my practice and my own personal development have been huge. Most bloggers spend a lot of time on other people’s blogs and the range of HR/leadership/management/personal development blogs out there is wide and varied.
BUT – and here is a big problem for me – I have only found ONE UK based blogger in this area. No amount of Googling is leading me anywhere. My favourite blogs are mainly based in the US and some in Australia. The quality is great but the differences mean that American organisations’ methods of hiring and firing won’t work here and advice and comments on holiday/maternity/sick situations of course cannot relate to the UK benefits system and employee rights.

By the way – did you know that in the US people who have been through an interview are expected to write a thank you letter to the prospective employer afterwards and how they do that might even influence if they get the job or not! Some years ago we interviewed and American for a job here in the UK and she sent a letter to the three of us on the interview panel. We thought that was really quaint but now I realise that it’s crucial to the whole process across the Atlantic.

So – if you blog on people matters or read good UK based blogs please share!

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Jackie Cameron

4 Responses

  1. List to follow!
    Hi John
    Thanks for linking your blog! I have a short list of blogs on UK HR matters which I will tidy up and share shortly. In the meantime keep up the good work!
    Bloggers of the world unite!!


  2. Thanks to you both
    Rosie and I have since spoken and we will work on a list.

    Thanks Jon for your suggestions – your own blog is of course one of my favourites now!

  3. I’ve got a list
    I have a list of HR related bloggers, need to sift through it and weed out any non UK ones.

    How are you with RSS? I could do an aggregration (bring a bunch of blogs under one site/page).

    Would this be useful?

    Rosie Sherry

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