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Managers Manifesto


Recently, the Institute of Management published its ‘Managers Manifesto’ as a white paper contribution for the new government in establishing the necessary conditions for the effective management of UK businesses.

Entitled ‘Managing UK plc – An Agenda for Success’ the manifesto sets out some predictable goals and strategies, including some detail on how these might be achieved. The overall thrust of the document is very much in the right direction. Amongst the key recommendations of particular interest to HR and Training professionals are that government policy should:

  • Foster a culture of lifelong learning
  • Ensure that management development is a key objective within the National Skills Audit
  • Develop CPD initiatives
  • Provide state entitlement to Level 2 vocational or general educational qualification
  • Parity between educational and vocational learning
  • Developing Individual Learning Accounts
  • Promoting good practice in improving the quality of working life
  • Recognising diversity and tackling discrimination
  • Consolidating legislation into a single Equality Act with codes of practice in plain language
  • Tackling payroll compliance costs
  • Encouraging managers to engage with the corporate social responsibility agenda.

The full manifesto, together with implementation proposals, is available online in Adobe Acrobat format

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Tim Pickles


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