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Meet the Revenue and learn about PAYE e-filing


The Inland Revenue may be losing marketing and communications director Ian Schoolar, but his legacy lives on in “meet the customer” briefings at Softworld to explain how to file PAYE returns online.

At Softworld HR & Payroll, running alongside the Accounting & Finance event at Birmingham’s NEC on 20 October, Revenue business adviser Marie Gibbs will explain all about the new online filing requirements for employers.

As part of the move to e-government targets, employers are being encouraged with financial incentives to file their year-end PAYE returns online – and penalties if they don’t. Large employers (250 or more employees) will be compelled file online from next year, and medium-sized employers (50 -249 employees) the year after. Small employers (fewer than 50 employees) do not have to file online yet, but can collect £825 tax-free over five years if they file online.

Gibbs commented, “Online filing is quick, convenient and secure. And I’m really looking forward to helping people do it online and reap the benefits.”

Her Softworld session will provide an overview of online filing and how to file, with an explanation of the employers deadlines and more details about the tax-free payments for small employers.

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