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Member’s tip: Strategies for age discrimination laws


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Training consultant and project manager John Allan provides a strategy for approaching the incoming age discrimination laws at all levels of business.

This is a blended programme to deal with age discrimination laws. It includes consultancy, interactive theatre, workshops and e-learning. It can operate at four levels, depending on an organisation’s size and structure:

  • Level 1: Top Management
    Task – developing age diversity policy and strategy.
    Services – consultancy and presentations, possibly using interactive theatre.
  • Level 2: HR Department
    Task – HR policy, strategy and plan for training and dissemination.
    Services – age-proofing HR procedures and designing a programme for training and communications.
  • Level 3: Department heads and team leaders
    Task – Briefing and training team leaders.
    Services – Producing learning materials and running workshops.
  • Level 4: All employees
    Task – Compliance training and challenging stereotype views about age.
    Services – delivering an e-learning programme supported by team meetings.
  • Although the longer term goal should be to implement an effective age diversity strategy, the short term priority for employers in 2006 is:

    • To ensure that the organisation and all its employees comply with the new age laws
    • To be able to provide evidence that the organisation has taken all reasonable steps through training to eliminate age discrimination in their employment practices.


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