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Mentoring in the Private Sector


Glasgow Mentoring Network is made up of a number of organisations all involved in the design and/or delivery of Mentoring programmes to support various other project. E.g. Mentoring to support careleavers, Mentoring for New Deal clients, Head Teacher Mentoring and Business start-up Mentoring.

The majority of members operate either within the third(voluntary) sector or public sector.

One of our aims is to improve the quality of Mentoring provision within existing programmes. Obviously we encourage the sharing of best practice.

I am looking for examples of best practice from the private sector. Any information of what has worked and where would be appreciated. Any information on evaluations that have been carried out for such programmes, gladly received.
Jacqueline Thomas

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  1. evaluation
    I have developed an effective evaluation tool for such practices which can be tailored to fit any environment and discipline

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