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Motivation & Satisfaction


I am currently doing a Business Degree, and I would much appreciate any emails regarding Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction information, policies at work to monitor and maintain, ways to improve motivation and satisfaction, which will be useful in my literature search. I hope to gain Graduate Membership of the CIPD, and your help with this would be most grateful. Thank you in anticipation!
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Darren Cairns

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  1. Motivation
    I can only comment on the experiences I have of training technicans within franchised dealerships. The method used to motivate them to train was to introduce a progression path based on the type and amount of training they completed. This was very successful as far as individuals participating on training courses were concerned. There was a downside in that those that completed the training, which took place over a long period of time, successfully achieved a recognition which was of value within their current employment but was equally valuable in allowing them to seek alternative employment.

  2. Motivation
    Suggest that you start your search by looking at “one more time How do you motivate employees” An article published in 1968 by Frederick Herzberg that really kicked off modern thinking. It is available from Harvard Business Review and has sold in the region of 1.2 million reprints

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